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Ground Penetrating Radar Utilized to Investigate an Area Prior to Excavation - Boston, MA

It’s always important to have as much information as possible as to what is beneath the surface prior to digging. A general contractor had a project outside of a facility where they needed to excavate a 7500 sq ft area in order to install a tower to support sagging electrical lines within a power station. Prior to beginning the excavation process, it was imperative to locate the exact locations of any utilities within the area in order to mitigate as much risk of injury and damage as possible. The general contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Massachusetts to investigate the areas using ground penetrating radar technology and radio detection. The methods that are utilized by GPRS are mobile & cost effective allowing real time results so the project can continue on schedule. GPRS located 7 electric lines, 2 water lines, and one drain line that the client was completely unaware of. This knowledge helped the general contractor plan the safest route and made them aware of the times when it would be safest to hand dig. With this information the project could resume safely and on schedule.

GPRS applications are both safe & cost effective that provide real time results. To learn more on the capabilities of GPRS in Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, contact Regional Manager, Mark Johnson, at 617.448.8098 or You can also visit our website at

GPR Scanning Investigation Prior to Excavation - Boston, MA

GPR Scanning Investigation Prior to Excavation - Boston, MA GPRS Helps Excavators Avoid Striking Private Utility Lines
– Boston, MA

As a general contractor was working on a parking lot project at Waterside Place condominiums in Boston, MA, GPRS was called to scan for utility lines prior to excavation. The scope our work was to locate private underground utilities prior to the excavation of several hundred feet of trench so that new drainage, and a new gas line could be installed.

After being contacted by the contractor, GPRS arrived to the jobsite with 24 hours, and thanks to our quick turnaround time in conjunction with our detail oriented work, the contractor was able to proceed with their project without hitting a single utility line. During the scan, in addition to locating all of the utility lines in the area, we were also able to relocate, and annotate the location of an incorrectly marked gas line (which had been located by other means prior to our arrival).

Upon completion of the scan, we then walked the project area with the customer, and the results of the scan were explained to the contractor so that they would be able to determine the safest and most ideal locations for trenching.

Prior to saw cutting, trenching, or coring in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine & New Hampshire, contact Project Manager of GPRS, Peter Kessinger, at 603.703-.6007 or

For projects in other locations, GPRS has offices throughout the United States, and to view our company directory, click here.

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