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Orlando International Airport – GPRS Project in Orlando, FL

Recently the Orlando International Airport hired a utility company to install communication lines to feed their new terminal being constructed. The utility company they asked has a long history of using Ground Penetrating Radar Systems for locating utilities in preparation for directional boring and trenching. The utility company had several miles of trenches to be cleared and GPRS was up to the task.

The days that followed GPRS used their 400MHz antenna and RD7000 to map out the precise locations of all communication, water, sewer, gas and electrical lines. Ground penetrating radar is an effective and efficient tool for accomplishing these goals and GPRS had the area mapped on the surface of the ground in less than two weeks. After explaining the findings to the on-site contact a full report was provided to the client for their records. This ensured that the client would have the findings on record for future projects. The clients were more than pleased with the results and the trenches were dug without incident.

Below is a picture depicting Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, Inc. scanning ground and the Orlando International Airport.

Orlando International Airport – GPRS Project in Orlando, FL

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