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Concrete Scanning for Rebar and Plastic Conduits Prior to Coring and Anchor Placement
- Burnaby, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises Inc., of British Columbia was contacted by a large general contractor to scan a suspended concrete slab at a project in Burnaby, BC, Canada. The project required the contractor to drill, and core through several locations of this particular concrete slab, so that they could make room for several new conduit lines.

The image (below) shows a portion of the room that was scanned.

Concrete Scan for Rebar and Conduit - Burnaby, British Columbia

The slab was located directly over the proposed electrical room of this new construction project, and for some reason, the cans were not placed when the slab was poured to make room for all of the conduits.

After the contractor had called us about their project, Project Manager, Jesse Moorhouse mobilized to the job-site early the next day so that he could survey the 12’ by 12’ room. Due to the fact that there was a large amount of reinforcement, and plastic conduit within this floor, this scan was challenging, but very important. During the scan, we were able to locate over a dozen live conduits under the reinforcing steel by using a trick called “antenna polarization”.

During the antenna polarization process, the polarity of the antenna is switched. This enhances the view of plastic and empty conduits (as opposed to the solid steel rebar in the area). This trick allows for conduit to be viewed, even when reinforcing steel is obscuring the scan area.

This scanning project took us around 6 hours (with a single system and technician). The survey could have been completed faster, but the degree of difficulty, and slab conditions made this a very challenging project. Compared with the real time results that we are able to provide, if x-ray technology would have been used for this project, the project would have taken closer to a week or more to complete.

Additionally, if x-ray scanning would have been used, the structure would have required evacuation. Thanks to the use of radar technology, the workers at the project were able to continue with their typical business as we completed the scan.

Radar technology does not emit any harmful radiation, and does not emit any noise doing the scanning process. GPR is also perfect for scanning concrete walls and ceilings, (which x-ray scanning is unable to access). The versatility, speed, and accuracy of GPR is second to none, and this application of GPR was a perfect fit for this delicate project.

Avoid potential risks, costs, and frustrations, and gain peace of mind by having us survey your project prior to drilling, cutting, coring or destructively testing. GPRS can be at your job site within 24 hours of a request, as we want to keep all of your important concrete drilling/cutting projects running smoothly.

If your next project requires any of our concrete scanning services in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact Project Manager, Jesse Moorhouse by phone at (604) 671-1829 or by e-mail at

Our concrete scanning services include:

  • Plastic conduit location
  • Steel conduit location
  • Rebar locating
  • Post tension cable locating
  • Concrete void detection
  • Drain line locating
  • Utility locating

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