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Clearance for Soil Borings for Local Environmental Company - Goodyear, AZ

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. - GPRS - of Phoenix was contacted by an environmental company to scan for utilities near several soil borings at local small airport. After arriving on site, GPRS was able to provide safe locations for all the soil boring at this site in a timely manner, and immediately after each area was scanned, the contractor started with the required drilling. GPRS was able to locate the majority of the known items and, some unknown items, with the 400MHz Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection.

Soil Borings for Local Environmental Company - Goodyear, Arizona

GPRS was able to greatly reduce the amount of time and risk at this project. Often times utility locating is needed because of the large amounts of soil being disturbed increasing the chances of striking a buried utility. GPRS works very hard to not only provide a quality service and quick response times, but also a competitive rate. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems also brings a success rate that is second to none. Familiar with both high and smaller volume projects, GPRS is capable to meet your needs, assess your site, and delivery quality results each time. GPRS has a wide variety of tools and, the knowledge on how to use them, for locating underground utilities such as water, gas, electrical, communication, sewer, and other objects prior to digging or excavating. Ground penetrating radar can also be used to scan concrete areas of post tension cables, rebar, and conduits, including PVC pipes. Working with GPRS also offers each client a “one-stop shop” solution for not only their locating needs but also for concrete drilling and cutting. These services most often go hand in hand and are often needed quickly with little or zero notice. GPRS can help to streamline each job’s demanding needs by assisting with ground penetrating radar services as well as concrete cutting and drilling solutions.

GPRS is a nationwide company and services the entire United States and Canada. Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems - GPRS to learn how we can assist with your next project. GPRS has completed many projects in cities as such as Albuquerque, Las Cruses, Santa Fe, Alamogordo, Artesia and throughout the entire state of New Mexico. If you would like to schedule an appointment in New Mexico, please contact Nate Holscher (Regional Manager) at 480.227.8614 or today if you have any inquiries for your next project.

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