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GPRS Clears Soil Borings For Interior And Exterior of Buildings - Washington DC

Environmental and Engineering companies are often employed to perform soil borings and investigations in many types of environments. A company needed to perform testing at both interior and exterior locations of a building. The contractor consistently utilizes Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Washington D.C. and Virginia for these projects. GPRS can utilize their current technologies to minimize the risk of subsurface obstruction hits. This enhances the timeliness, and safety, of each job where probing into the ground is necessary. GPRS can identify underground utilities as well as in slab reinforcing and conduit. In slab conduits can often be drilled into during indoor soil testing and GPRS can aid in identifying and minimizing these risks.

GPRS Clears Soil Borings For Interior And Exterior of Buildings - Washington DC  soil borings and investigations

This is all done in a safe, non-destructive way as GSSI Sir-3000 with the 400 MHz and 1600 MHz antennas emit less than 1% of cell phone radiation and provide for real time, on-site, interpretations of data. GPRS of D.C. Virginia also provides 24 hour response times if needed, as well as professional, knowledgeable, and collaborative project managers to enhance your experience. As an International Brand, GPRS takes pride in providing customers with timely, professional service and positive customer satisfaction.
If you need utility locating, soil boring clearance, or other utility or tank investigation in the Washington D.C. metro and Northern Virginia areas, please contact Jeremy Campbell at 571-481-7166 or at

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