GPR Private Utility Locate at Substation - Dallas, Texas

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by an engineering firm to locate all of the utility lines at a substation near Dallas, Texas. The engineering firm was planning to extend the substation and the project required the addition of several electrical lines to the grid. However, the client was very concerned with the potential of hitting electrical lines, communication lines, and grounding wires during the construction process. For this project, hitting a major electrical line would have resulted in a major power outage for hundreds of homena and workers at the job site could have been severely injured or killed. Hitting a live power line with excavation equipment poses a serious threat to the safety everyone at a job site, and it is important to know what is below the surface prior to digging. GPRS takes safety very seriously and we work hard to ensure that all of the utility lines at a job site are clearly and accurately marked onto the surface so that mistakes (such as striking a power line) do not happen.

GPR Private Utility Locate at Substation Near Dallas, TX    Xray vs. GPR Dallas, Texas

GPRS was able to arrive at the jobsite shortly after being called, and we were able to successfully locate the exact location of the utility lines to ensure quick and easy excavation. For this project, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used a 400 MHz GPR antenna in conjunction with a Radio Detection (RD) device to scan for electrical current deep within the soil. All of the findings were marked with SUE marking paint directly on the surface with marking flags so that the customer could easily interpret the scan results. Our 400 MHz antenna was ideal for this project as the technology is able to penetrate deeply into the ground. Additionally, GPR was ideal for this application as there was several active work sites in the surrounding areas of the project. GPR does not emit any radiation and therefore, it is safe for workers at a jobsite to continue their work while a scan is being conducted. After we completed the initial scan, the customer requested an additional report with GPS coordinates and a CAD overlay for extra safety measures. GPRS recommended the GPS and CAD reports so that there would not be any confusion between GPRS and the several contractors that were working at the job site.

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