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Private Utility Locating for Consulting Company - Charleston, SC

GPR Private Utility Scan for Consulting Firm - Charleston, SC

Prior to drilling for soil samples, United Consulting called GPRS of South Carolina to locate and map out utility lines and investigate a possible underground storage tank at a job site on the historic Meeting Street in Charleston, SC. While on site, GPRS technician James Ross, scanned approximately 2000 square feet to identify any anomalies that would indicate electrical conduits, water mains, gas lines, and any other pertinent utilities moving through the customers anticipated boring locations. After further investigation at the suspected site we were able to determine that there were underground utilities running through the proposed drilling zone. GPRS plotted the locations of subsurface obstructions directly onto the surface, and provided accurate depths giving the contractor a clear indication of where it was safe to drill borings, as well as where extra caution would be necessary. Not only did we ensure the safety of the crew by identifying potential life threatening hazards, but also eliminated any potential costly repairs that may have been added to their project due to damaging unknown utilities. If you would like a price or quote for an underground utility locate, slab on grade, elevated slab, or structural scan to locate important embedments, please visit the “contact us” page at to contact your local GPRS representative.

Equipment used for this survey:

• GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar/ SIR 3000 – This device transmits an electromagnetic pulse through the ground and displays the reflection on a screen for interpretation.
• 400 MHz antenna – This antenna allows for GPR signal penetration 4’-8’ through the ground.

• RD-7000 Locator – This device detects live power and RF signals underground, allowing us to locate electrical or telephone lines even if they are below the minimum size requirements to be detected by GPR. It also allows us to detect utilities via induction or conduction with an exposed or known surface of the conductive utility.

Local Contact:
James Ross – South Carolina & Coastal Georgia Project Manager

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