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Gas and Power Lines Located with GPR
at Private Residence Prior to Landscaping Project - Richmond Hill, Ontario

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of Hamilton / Toronto worked at a residential project in Richmond Hill, Ontario to locate gas and power lines at a private residence. The homeowner was planning to remove several tree stumps and to plant several new trees. The homeowner needed to have all of the utility lines marked out prior to starting the excavation process. Our client knew that it would be best to contact a GPRS technician so that all of the utility lines in the excavation zone could be carefully marked out prior to digging. GPRS Project Manager Adrian Atkins was able to arrive at the project site within 24 hours after being contacted, and the utility scan was immediately conducted. Once the scan was complete, the customer was able to successfully complete their project with the peace of mind of knowing the exact location of all of the subsurface utility lines prior to starting the excavation process.

GPR Gas and Power Line Locate - Richmond Hill, Ontario
Above, you can see a portion of the area that was scanned.

GPRS was able to quickly determine the location of all of the utility lines that were present within the working area using both Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and Radio-detection technologies. The precise depths of all of the utility lines were provided to the customer and the locations of the lines were flagged and marked onto the surface. To schedule service, or if would like a free quote on any of our underground utility locating services (private or public), such as hydro line locating, underground storage tank locating, soil boring clearance, trench scanning in the Hamilton, London or Windsor area, please contact: Project Manager Adrian Atkins by phone at (905) 531-1483 or by email at

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