GPRS Scans for Conduits Prior to Saw Cutting - Charleston, WV

A general contractor called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Charleston, West Virginia Office to locate conduits prior to saw cutting. Upon arrival at the site, we were instructed to scan several locations as well as a hallway throughout the building prior to saw cutting on this project and wanted to avoid any conduits embedded in the slab. With the use of the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar Technology and Radio Detection, GPRS is able to locate both metallic and PVC conduits embedded in concrete and below slabs on grade. While scanning the areas as directed by the contractor, GPRS was able to locate several conduits and pipes in all the areas of concern for the contractor.

The first area had one several lines of conduit going directly through the suggested saw cutting area. The other area of concern appeared to be a small duct bank containing several conduits that initially traveled together but then spread out in the slab to feed other areas of the building, these all started directly next to the area of concern within a big electrical room. With ground penetrating radar we were able to locate these conduits and mark the directly onto the surface in real time while on site. Giving accurate markings to the center of the anomaly and a depth to the top of the conduits. This helped the contractor so they did not have to chip out the entire area. They were able to come in with the saw cutter and cut completely through the slab and then only had to chip out the areas were we had indicated these conduits were embedded.

WV, Central PA GPR Scanning Concrete and Private Utility Lines  GPR Conduit Locating Prior to Saw Cutting - Charleston, WV

These conduits were only 1”-1.5” into the slab and could have slowed or shut down this project if they were struck. This kept the contractor safe and on schedule for his project. With ground penetrating radar, GPRS of Central Pennsylvania is able to assist many contractors in locating embedded items in concrete such as post tension cables, conduits and rebar.

If you need any assistance in West Virginia before trenching, saw cutting or coring. Or you need a safe, non-invasive way to locate items embedded in concrete on your site to ensure that your project stays on time. Please contact William Johnson at 304-989-2323 or

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