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Concrete Slab Scanned at Food Processing Plant Prior
to the Installation of Plumbing and Drainage Lines
- Taunton, MA

Peter Kessinger of GPRS-Boston was contacted to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigation at a food processing facility in Taunton, MA. The client requested to have all of the sub-surface utility lines located within a concrete slab so that new plumbing and drainage pipes could be installed. During the scan, GPRS was able to locate several private underground utility lines, and electrical conduits within the concrete slab. GPRS Project Manager, Peter Kessinger marked out all of the existing drainage, plumbing, and electrical lines directly onto the surface of the slab with their locations and depths. Due to the fact that this project took place at a food processing plant, it was important to the client that the project area remained sterile, and that non-permanent scanning methods were used. GPRS Project Manager, Peter Kessinger was able to work closely with the client to make sure that all of the project requirements were met.

After the scan was completed, the client was then able to plan the removal and installation of the plumbing, drainage and electrical conduits lines that was required for the project. Thanks to GPRS, the contractor was able to complete their project safely, and without any costly mistakes (such as striking a utility line).

GPR Concrete Slab Scan for Utility Lines - Taunton, MA    Concrete Scanning Services in New England, MA
In the images above, you can see a portion of the area that was scanned by GPRS.

The use of GPR scanning technology was ideal for this project as GPR does not emit radiation, it is non-hazardous, time efficient, and is able to produce immediate results.

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