Concrete Scanning Post Tension Locating - Houston, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of the Houston, TX office was called by a large plumbing company scanning for rebar/post tension cables prior to coring for new sleeves. Nate Loyola, technician on site, used GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) penetrating through the elevated deck mapping the reinforcement in black and red crayons. Concrete scanning allows the GC and plumbers to know where the steel is inside the slab prior to coring.

GPR technology has no radiation and can assemble, scan and mark out in real time. GPRS of the Houston office covers College Station, Huntsville, Humble, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, Sugarland, Pearland, Freeport, Deer Park and Generation Park, TX. For more information on rebar locating, post tension cable locating, concrete scanning, or to arrange a Lunch and Learn presentation, please contact Nate Loyola – Regional Manager at 832-262-3438. Email Nate Loyola at - Call before you core.

Concrete Scanning Post Tension Locating | Houston, TX

High Rise GPR Concrete Scan - Houston, TX

Concrete Scanning Post Tension Locating | Houston, TX

A large general contractor in the Houston area contacted GPRS to areas in a high-rise residential building to scan multiple core locations, marking out post-tension, and all other reinforcement/obstructions in the slab before coring. GPRS was able to mark out all the reinforcement in the 8” slab, including rebar, post tension, conduits, and lower mats of rebar. We used multiple colors to better distinguish between the higher and lower reinforcement, as well as the thicker bundles of reinforcement, or conduits. GPRS was able to save the client money by ensuring that the structural integrity of the building was not compromised by accidentally coring through rebar or post-tension.

To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in the South Texas Gulf Region, contact Project Manager Jim Cardoza at 713-253-7072 / or Nate Loyola at 832-262-3438 /

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