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GPR Concrete Scanning - Downtown, Calgary, Alberta

GPRS Enterprises Inc. has provided concrete scanning for several large general contractors at various projects in the downtown Calgary, Alberta area. One our recent projects was completed at a new high rise building where GPRS Project Manager Kien Do scanned several concrete slabs so that a contractor could safely core drill. GPRS was able to locate structural steel such as rebar and post tensioned cables, power conduits and other targets within these concrete slabs. This project was located at a large apartment building and had several electrical cables embedded within the floors. Our equipment was able to penetrate through these 8” concrete slabs easily. We also used a special compacted antenna to get into some of the tight areas of the project. GPRS completed this project in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive way, which helped the client stay safe and on schedule. Once the scanning was completed, GPRS Project Manager Kien Do walked through the scanned areas with the contractor to explain the results of the scan and to provide recommendations on where it was safe or not safe to core drill.

GPR Concrete Scanning - Downtown, Calgary, Alberta

This picture was taken by a GPRS technician while scanning a balcony for a new drain
location on the 35th floor. After marking all of the rebar, he was able to recommend
to move the proposed core to a new location which did not interfere with
any structural steel.

Concrete Scanning Calgary, Alberta

This picture is another example of the scanning that was completed at this
project. The contractor made the right decision to have GPRS scan this
concrete slab prior to coring as there was an extensive amount of
obstructions within this particular floor.

Rebar Scannign Calgary, Alberta

This is a picture that shows the rebar lines that were located within
a balcony. This area was scanned so that new railings could be installed.
As you can see, we used simple markings so that the contractor
could easily see the location of the rebar.

GPRS Enterprises Inc. provides our clients with digital concrete imaging using Ground Penetrating Radar as well as radio detection technologies to assist our clients in locating all critical targets within concrete slabs quickly and accurately. GPRS Enterprises has large network of experienced technicians throughout Canada and the United States with specialization of concrete imaging and concrete inspection. We also provide a number of other services including private utility locating. We are able to locate PVC pipes, fiber optic cables, storage tanks, hydro lines, and many other types of subsurface elements.

If you need to schedule an appointment for a free demonstration or you have any inquiries for your next project, please contact Kien Do at 403-909-5391 or

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