GPR Concrete Scan to Locate Reinforcement Steel - Tampa, FL

GPR Concrete Scan to Locate Reinforcement Steel - Clearwater, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of Tampa, FL was requested on-site by a general contractor to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan at hospital in Clearwater, FL. The purpose of our scanning was to locate any reinforcement steel or embedded anomalies in the concrete such as electrical lines, where the contractor planned to drill core-holes. The contractor working at this particular hospital has plans to core drill through the slab in order to run new sanitary lines. The contractor was worried about hitting reinforcement steel and other unknown anomalies which may have been in the 12” concrete slab. All anomalies present were clearly marked on the surface so the contractor knew what anomalies were in the concrete around their planned drilling locations. We scanned multiple locations while on-site and explained where all anomalies found were located. The general contractor was able to safely drill his 4” holes through the slab following our scanning.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is the best way to ensure the locations of reinforcement steel and other anomalies in concrete prior to any type of excavation such as saw cutting, trenching or core drilling. In total, roughly 25 different 36x36” areas were scanned during this particular trip to the site. After all findings were clearly marked on the surface, we then went back through the areas and put a clear-coat spray on our marks to make sure that none of our findings would be worn away or erased from foot traffic in the areas. The photo below depicts Justin Rasanow, our Tampa Area Manager, scanning a portion of the hospital where a core hole was proposed to be placed using our 1600MHz antenna. Along with the 1600MHz antenna we also used our RD-7000 (not pictured), which is a device that detects live power and RF signals underground. This device is used in locating electrical or telephone lines embedded in concrete. Following our scanning, the contractor was pleased that they were able to core drill all of their locations without hitting any reinforcement steel or other anomalies.

Please contact Justin Rasanow at (727) 420-3292 or for any scanning needs that you may have.

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