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GPR Concrete Scan for Core Drilling - Orlando, FLConcrete Scanning Prior to Core Drilling at Office Building
- Orlando FL

We were recently called out to an office building where a customer requested that we scan 15 core drill locations prior to the drilling and installation of some new electrical and plumbing lines. The scanning itself was completed without incident, but we were designed by something the customer told us after the project. He said, “The electrician wanted to use somebody else, but I told him we only use you guys. We’ve used you guys to scan thousands of core locations in my time here, and we’ve never once hit anything. I figure, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It was an honor to hear that this customer had been so well served by our team throughout the years.

GPRS is one of the oldest GPR companies in the United States, and we’ve had the opportunity to serve many of our customers on hundreds of occasions, and with the experience has come a proud tradition that our newer technicians are inducted into. From our specialized training facility (specially fitted with test slabs and extreme scan conditions), to our dedicated training and quality control personnel, to the company culture which promotes actual growth over an appearance of growth, GPRS is a company that strives for excellence.

On this particular job, we had the opportunity to hear from one customer’s perspective what a difference that continual strive for excellence had achieved. Thousands of locations without a single hit isn’t something that is easily attained. Those familiar with GPR technology will know that there are certain limitations to the technology, which make some mishaps nearly inevitable. There is a maximum depth, a margin of error, a sensitive dielectric calibration, human error, interference which may be caused by metal high in the slab, and a number of other complications that may arise; all of these may obscure conduits, leading to a mishap. But to know that this customer had found such incredible success with our team reinvigorates our confidence that our technology is the best that there is, and our team is the best out there. No team is perfect, and no technology is perfect, but GPR is on the cutting edge, and we are Experts in GPR.

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