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Concrete Imaging Technology Used to Locate Post Tension Cables
in an Elevated Slab Prior to Core Drilling - Providence, RI

A General Contractor had a project in Providence, RI inside of an office building. The scope of the project was to drill anchors in several locations inside of a 10’ x 20’ concrete slab in order to install steel beams that could support an HVAC unit. The drillers did not want to hit any post tension cables or conduits while drilling the anchors. The General Contractor decided to contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of New England after learning that they have been in business since 2001 and each technician has the experience of performing over 350 investigations per year. GPRS was able to complete the investigation the next day and allowed the project to proceed without hitting a post tension cable or conduit. GPRS uses real time applications and were experienced enough to be able to differentiate post tension from the other reinforcing within the slab, while also providing the depth. GPRS Technicians also utilize a Radio Detection device in order to be able to detect all live power and radio frequencies. The General Contractor now had the information they needed to proceed with the project without causing any delay in business.

Before saw cutting, trenching, or drilling in New England or Upstate New York, contact Regional Manager of GPRS, Mark Johnson, at 617.448.8098 or You can also visit us on the web at

Elevated Concrete Slab PT Cable Scan - Providence, RI

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