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Conduit Locating Prior to Saw Cutting New Utility Trenches - Maple Plain, MN

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called upon by an electrical contractor working in Maple Plain MN., to scan a slab on grade and to map conduits prior to saw cutting a floor as part of a renovation project. Project Manager Troy Bartlett used GPR and Radio Detection to locate live power and other trenches with multiple conduits crossing the proposed concrete saw cuts and informed the client of their depth and locations. Many of the conduits were either in or right at the bottom of the concrete surface and many of those same conduits also carried 480 volt electric lines. The contractor was able to avoid cutting through important utilities with the information provided them by GPRS.

Conduit Locating SOG Prior to Saw Cutting New Utility Trenches - South Dakota  Conduit Locating Prior To Saw Cutting - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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