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Concrete Tower Pier Scanning – Grande Prairie, Alberta

This Ground Penetrating Radar Scan took place on a concrete tower pier, which is a part of a project with 9 towers needed to be scanned, was located in North of Grande Prairie, AB.

The client wanted to investigate the cracks that were developing at several sites. Thus, the purpose of the scan was to locate structural steel within the piers regarding locations and depths of the rebar below the concrete surface in order to answer if the piers were built as designed.

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Edmonton was able to map all the vertical rebar and horizontal stirrups. It was crucial information because the reinforcement steel that was too deep below the piers’ top at several sites was believed to reduce the capacity of the piers.

If you would like more information about concrete scanning and other services GPRS provides such as utility and UST locating, please contact Kien Do at 403-909-5391 or






















Concrete Tower Pier Scanning – Grande Prairie, Alberta

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