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Concrete Slab Scanning with GPR - Colorado Springs, COConcrete Slab Scanning with GPR - Colorado Springs, CO

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Colorado Springs Colorado was called by a general contractor working on the tarmac at a local airport. The contractor was hired to drill to install monitoring wells and also install drainage for water runoff throughout the tarmac. Project Manager Shawn Selmeski was contacted and during his investigation of the area, was able to mark out any existing reinforcements in the slab prior to drilling. This saved a considerable amount of labor and kept the engineers and drillers happy when avoiding reinforcements in the tarmac.

GPRS can locate rebar, post tension cables, conduits and more in your slab, prior to saw cutting, or drilling to protect your project in the financial and safety areas. Please contact Shawn Selmeski at or call him directly at 719-648-6689 for more information.

Ground Radar Scanning
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