Concrete Scanning Before Installation of Electrical Lines into Concrete Slab
– Louisville, Kentucky

A store renovation in Louisville, KY required installing new electrical lines in the slab. The contractor leading the renovation contacted GPRS to scan the concrete for any conduits in the area. This step was taken following a previous renovation which included cutting through an electric line, without having the floor scanned. While no one was hurt in the previous incident, the contractor wanted to ensure all safety precautions were taken during any upcoming renovations.

Concrete Scan at Store Renovation – Louisville, Kentucky  Concrete Scanning Before Installation of Electrical Lines into Concrete Slab

GPRS arrived on site and met with the contractor to go over project details. The contractor marked and explained all areas which were going to be saw cut. Scanning was then conducted using the RD 7000 and 1600 MHz antenna. After speaking with the contractor, it was learned the facility had undergone numerous renovations over the years. The findings were marked on the surface with depths, and explained to the contractor. Numerous conduits were discovered crossing the saw cut path of nearly every location the contractor had planned. Saw cut paths were then adjusted, and the floor scanning resumed. Eventually a clear path was found for the contractor to install the new electrical lines. Following the previous incident, the contractor was extremely satisfied GPRS was involved with the current project.

The above image shows four conduits crossing the planned saw cut path. While all markings were believed to be conduits, three of the four marks contained live power which was found using the RD 7000.
The image below shows two conduits crossing the planned saw cut path. One of the conduits can be seen traveling to an open electrical floor box.

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