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Concrete Slab Scanning - Houston, TXConcrete Slab Scanning - Houston, TX

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of the Houston office was called by a national construction company to perform a scan of the reinforcement and any other anomalies, including conduits or piping in a concrete slab at a mid-rise building prior to coring through the slab. Allyn Hirsch, technician on site, used GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) 1600 MHz antenna penetrating about 18 inches into the slab, noting the location and layout of the reinforcement and other anomalies. This allows the concrete coring technicians to be aware of any obstructions or dangers prior to doing their work. This awareness increases job safety and reduces costs. In the picture above, the layout of the reinforcement has been marked out in the area to be cored.

GPRS is the safest, most accurate method for locating underground utilities, subsurface utilities for environmental investigations. GPR technology has zero radiation and can assemble, scan and mark out in real time. GPRS of the Houston office covers Houston, Katy, Tomball, Galveston, Pearland, Humble, Conroe, TX and beyond. For more information on environmental and utility scanning, concrete x-ray and “GPR concrete” please contact Allyn Hirsch – Project Manager at 979-446-2321. Also email Allyn Hirsch at - Call before you drill or core!

Ground Radar Scanning
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