GPRS Called to Scan for Rebar at Hotel Waterpark - Orlando, FL

GPRS was called by a general contractor to locate all rebar in column line prior to install of column into slab. GPRS was asked to locate the top layer of steel where the beams intersect in order to miss the rebar when new rebar is placed in the slab. This was crucial in order to not damage any of the structural steel. GPRS was able to find the rebar and mark it directly on the surface with marker, showing the beams and location of rebar. The 1600 MHz antenna was used on this project. This antenna is designed to scan through concrete up to 15 in thick. It will pick up any embedment’s in the concrete that need to be missed prior to a core drill or saw cut.

Concrete Scanning with GPR in Orlando, Florida

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Concrete Scanning at Hotel Construction Project - Orlando, FL

Orlando has its fair share of resorts, hotels and theme parks. A new hotel is being constructed on International Drive. After finishing the exterior construction and beginning all of the interior work the contractors were faced with having to add some additional lines into the facility that were not initially planned for. This involved them core drilling through CMU block walls. The engineers were concerned they would cut through too much structural steel in the process. So in order to avoid hitting anything when drilling they got in contact with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

When scanning overhead or on walls it can be cumbersome and slow to try and use the standard issue 1600MHz antenna. In order to be able to move more quickly and be able to scan in some tighter areas the GPRS professional assigned to the job used a “palm” antenna which is specifically designed for this. This antenna can scan closer to walls and is ideal when scanning beams and columns.

After arriving on-site the GPRS professional was able to scan all necessary areas and mark out the rebar layout on the surface of the walls. This enable the contractor to assess the best locations for their core drills to avoid contact with structural steel and keep the engineers happy. Upon completion of the job the findings were explained to the site contact. At which point, the contractors requested a report to show the engineers and have proof of the locations for their records. The contractor was able to drill all necessary holes without affecting the structural steel in the walls.

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Below is a picture that depicts GPRS Project Manager, Nate Schmoe, scanning the CMU block wall surface.

Concrete Scanning at Hotel Conctruction Project - Orlando, FL


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