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GPR Concrete Scans Help Mechanical Contractor Identify PT Cables in Elevated Slab in Central Texas

If your project scope requires cutting concrete, how can you be sure that you can cut safely? No GC’s or tradesmen want anything to do with cutting into electrical conduit or post-tension cables. How can these risks be properly abated? We believe the best answer is to call Ground Penetrating Radar Systems. GPRS is the nation’s leader in concrete scanning services with technicians servicing every major market in the US. Our skilled and trained technicians will help you find answers to your tough concrete questions, as was performed by Central Texas regional Manager Corey Brecht in the image below. The information provided to the client gave them the confidence to cut safely.

Concrete Scanning with GPR - Central TX

Your local GPRS representative would love to speak with you and help you find the answers you need. In Central Texas contact Corey Brecht at 512-417-6105 or email at

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