Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc.

Concrete Scanning - Destin, FL

GPRS was recently contacted by a contractor to locate known and unknown structural steel (including post tension and rebar) on a rooftop of a condominium complex in Destin, FL. The contractor planned to install anchor plates and bolts to support new cell phone antennas. All anomalies that could be located were marked on the surface with their direction leaving a map on the surface to aid with anchor bolt placement. This allowed the contractor to save time and money from costly repairs of any potentially damaged post-tension cables that would have been encountered otherwise.

Concrete Scanning - Destin, FL  Concrete Scanning For Contractor in Destin, FL

If you would like more information about ground penetrating radar or to request a quote, please visit our website at, or contact Josh Gross at (318) 376-5014 |

Ground Radar Scanning
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