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Sub Surface Void Scanning of Concrete - La Porte, TX

Concrete Scanning for Voids at Chemical Plant La Porte, TX

A major petro chemical plant in La Porte, TX contacted GPRS about performing a GPR scan to search for sub surface voids during their turnover of the existing water cooling tower. The client was concerned about a potential sub surface wash out, as they were installing additional concrete piers to support the new water tower installation. We used the 1600 MHz antenna and the 400 MHz antenna to effectively locate the void locations by searching for the separation of the bottom of the slab and soil. GPRS was able to determine the location of the sub surface voids in all three of the concrete catch basins, thus helping the client determine the most efficient way of fixing the washout beneath the slab.

To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in the South Texas Gulf Region, contact Project Manager Jim Cardoza at 713-253-7072 / or Nate Loyola at 832-262-3438 /

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