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Rebar and Conduit Scan Prior to Installation of Plumbing Lines - Chicago, Illinois

One of our recent needed to core several new plumbing lines through an existing concrete slab. However, they were unware if there was electrical conduit running through the slab. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) came to the site to scan the concrete, to map out the rebar, conduits/unknowns on the surface in real time and provide this information to our client the plumbing contractor so they could continue to lay the plumbing for the new facilities.

Rebar and Conduit Scan Prior To Installation of Plumbing Lines - Chicago, Illinois

GPRS of Chicago was able to scan the concrete to locate and map conduits and rebar and mark them directly on the surface. They will be able to proceed with any coring that they had planned. GPRS can help keep projects on schedule and lower costs by letting the clients know where problem areas may be. Concrete scanning for conduit, rebar, post tension cables and radiant heats tubes are common applications for GPRS technicians. If you have any questions regarding the use of Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete scanning or underground imaging on your job site in Illinois or Northwest Indiana, please contact John Lause at 312-485-7725 or

Locating Rebar and Conduits in a Ceiling - Barrington, IL

A large construction company is renovating and adding onto a hospital in Barrington IL. The interior of the hospital is being completely remodeled and new drywall and infrastructure is being anchored into the ceiling.

The construction company contacted GPRS to use Ground Penetrating Radar to map out rebar and possible conduits in the ceiling in the areas that are being renovated. Technician Michael Flis was able to use the GSSI Mini radar to map the rebar and conduits in the ceiling. Having the conduits marked out allowed other contractors to anchor their equipment in an area that would not affect any conduits in the concrete.

For GPR projects in Chicago and the Chicagoland area, contact Michael Flis at 773-499-9854, email or visit

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