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Ground Penetrating Radar Used to Locate the Paths of
Embedded Conduits & Rebar inside a College in Ann Arbor, MI

Prior to core drilling concrete elevated slabs, it’s imperative to have information on what is embedded inside the slab. In many instances during construction of buildings, conduits & other utilities will be placed in the actual pour of the concrete floor. In some cases, the structural integrity of a building could be compromised if any reinforcing steel is cut. Knowing the pattern of reinforcing steel is extremely important in those cases.

Concrete Scanning at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

A general contractor had to core drill multiple holes in numerous areas throughout a dormitory being updated inside a college in Ann Arbor MI. They needed to know if any existing utilities were embedded in the concrete & placement of reinforcing steel. The contractor couldn’t afford to have any existing utilities or reinforcing steel compromised during the process. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of the Ann Arbor & Detroit areas was contacted to conduct a GPR investigation of the floor to locate any utilities & steel prior to the core drilling being conducted. GPRS was able to scan the different areas with a 1600 MHz high resolution antenna & determine if any live power was passing through using the RD8000 (Radio Detection Device). They marked the paths of existing conduits & reinforcing steel passing through the proposed areas directly on the surface. GPRS when finished with the investigation, communicated with the contractor to ensure understanding of the markings.

Please contact Regional Manager of Michigan, Thaddeus Bullock 734.377.4551 or for your next sub-surface investigation.

Ground Radar Scanning
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