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Concrete Scanning at Retail Renovation Project - Phoenix, AZ

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. - GPRS - of Arizona was contacted by a nationwide tenant improvement company, specializing in retail renovation. The project required GPRS to scan into an elevated slab on the 2nd floor. This floor was a pan deck construction with the risk of conduits lying inside the slab. Like many retail tenant improvement projects, this job was required to be completed at midnight when the retail store was closed, and because GPRS offers 24-hour availability, this allowed the contractors to scan the floor in their limited time window.

GPRS was able to greatly reduce the amount of time and risk by scanning and clearing each proposed core-drilling area. This gave peace of mind and added safety to the entire project while eliminating costly damages to a floor.

Ground penetrating Radar can also be used to scan areas of post tension cables, rebar, and conduits, including utility PVC pipes. Working with GPRS also offers each client a “one-stop shop” solution for not only their locating needs but also for concrete drilling and cutting. These services most often go hand in hand and are often needed quickly with little or zero notice. GPRS can help to streamline each job’s demanding needs by assisting with ground penetrating radar services as well as concrete cutting and drilling solutions.

Please contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems - GPRS to learn how we can assist with your next project. GPRS has done many projects such as this in Phoenix, Sierra Vista, Tucson, Yuma, Flagstaff, Prescott, Kingman, and throughout the entire state of Arizona as well as throughout the state of New Mexico such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces and beyond. If you would like to schedule an appointment in Arizona, please contact Nate Holscher (Regional Manager) by phone at 480.227.8614 or 505.250.6742 or by email at: Contact us today for an estimate, free demonstration, or if you have any inquiries for your next project.

Concrete Scanning at Retail Renovation Project - Phoenix, AZ

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