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GPRS Locates and Maps out PT Cables in at Project - Orlando, FL

We recently performed extensive concrete scanning at a popular Orlando resort. Using the 1600 MHz and 2.0 GHz antennas, we were able to locate and map the post tension cables on each floor of the resort. We translated these findings into CAD files that the customer will use to plan their remodel.

GPRS Locates and Maps out PT Cables in at Project - Orlando, FL

Our sister company, TruePoint Laser Scanning, did an excellent job compiling our data into a truly professional quality output. Because the resort will not break ground on construction for a few more months, all our markings had to be made with blue tape that was removed at the end of each scan, after photos, drawings, and measurements were taken. Without the excellent work of TruePoint, the project would have been impossible to complete, given that permanent markings were not an option.

For a quote or to schedule for GPRS to come out to assist with your next utility locating project, please contact Project Manager Gerin St. Claire of our Orlando office at or by phone at 321.246.1833.

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