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Concrete Pipe Scanning Prior to Water Line Installation - Lake Mead, NV

The state of Nevada called GPRS prior to completing a project at Lake Mead in Nevada. The project was to upgrade a line of 15 foot diameter pipe that carries water from Lake Mead to a water treatment plant which provides water to the city of Las Vegas. The entire pipe was incased in concrete and needed to be exposed. The project required the concrete to be removed so that the pipe could be exposed and modified. GPRS was able to use ground penetrating radar to find out the depth of the concrete as well as calculate the external edged of the pipe so that the concrete could be safely removed without risking putting the entire city’s water supply in jeopardy. If you have questions about GPR don’t hesitate to call our Las Vegas/St. George Project Manager Mike Farrell. 702.573.9228

Concrete Pipe Scanning at Lake Mead in Nevada

Ground Radar Scanning
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