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Concrete Scanning at Hotel - Baton Rouge, LAReinforcing Steel Located During Renovation – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

During the renovation for the expansion of an existing hotel, there was concern in regards to anchoring new walls. GPRS was contacted to ensure safe drilling and eliminate risk while installing the new exterior walls. The work consisted of marking the rebar within the proposed drilling areas. After the radar scanning was completed, the areas were marked directly onto the surface using permanent marker and communicated with the superintendent on site. Ground Penetrating Radar is a non-hazardous form of concrete x-ray that shows the data in real time. Due to the fact that results are instantaneous, they are easily communicated and understood.

To schedule your next concrete scanning project in Baton Rouge or for a quote, contact Project Manager Josh Gross by email at or by phone at 225-316-7110.

Ground Radar Scanning
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