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GPR Used to Map Conduits & Beams on an Elevated Concrete Slab inside a Hospital
- Royal Oak, MI

Concrete Scanning at Hospital in Royal Oak, MI  Core drilling concrete scan with GPR

Core drilling numerous holes on elevated slabs can be a difficult challenge in many ways. One main reason is not knowing where any existing structures are below the elevated slab. The other is guessing if any potential existing utilities are embedded in the concrete itself. Ground penetrating radar can be used to provide the answers to these questions. Having a properly trained GPR technician onsite can help create a less stressful & safer environment for everyone involved in the construction project.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan was recently contacted by a general contractor to concrete scan numerous areas inside a hospital in Royal Oak MI. Numerous holes had to be core drilled in the future to connect to existing utilities below. The elevated concrete slab had structural beams supporting the deck. It was essential for the general contractor not to drill in to any of the concrete beams. They also didn’t have any as built drawings showing paths of possible conduits passing through the space that could’ve been embedded in the concrete slab. GPRS was able to utilize a 1600 MHz concrete antenna to scan the areas to locate the structural support beams. They also marked multiple conduits that were passing through the space. Everything was marked directly on the surface in a clear manner so everyone involved with the coring process had an understanding on what areas could be drilled & the areas to avoid.

Prior to saw cutting, core drilling, excavating or boring in the Ann Arbor/Detroit areas, be safe & get as many questions answered as to what sub-surface obstructions are present. Contact GPRS Regional Manager, Thaddeus Bullock, at 734.377.4551 or

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