GPRS Performs Investigative Concrete Analysis - Gary, IN

Concrete Scanning Investigative Concrete Analysis - Gary, INGPRS completed a concrete scanning project for a contractor who was working at a project at a water plant in Gary, Indiana. The contractor was investigating the structural components of a multi-floor structure at a water plant, and they called GPRS Project Manager, Mark Sims, to help them with their project. The contractor hoped that the results of the scan would help them find out valuable information about the reinforcing, and conduits of their project area. The contractor wanted to use their information for their current, and future projects.

GPRS is able to assist our customers by providing a real time view of reinforcing, and conduit layouts that exist within concrete slabs. This information is very helpful when choosing boring locations, and planning out other projects that involve cutting into a concrete slab. Having your project area scanned by GPRS prior to cutting into a concrete slab can help you reduce the likelihood of a subsurface obstruction strike during drilling, cutting, trenching, and anchoring. Additionally, our scanning services can help you save valuable project time, as we are able to target specific anomalies/reinforcing.

For this project, we used a GSSI Sir-3000 (the newest in GPR technology) and we were able to locate the critical reinforcing in the concrete slab in question. Thanks to these results, the contractor was able to chip to the correct depth, and confirm the size and location of the reinforcing.

GPR emits radiation less than 1% of the radiation emitted by a standard cell phone. This means that our customers, or persons above or below the work zone are not subjected to high levels of radiation. Our system assists in the confirmation process of locating anomalies. Along with the GSSI Sir-3000 technology, GPRS also uses the RD-8000 Locator to locate live power and RF signals underground. We can also detect utilities in/under concrete via induction or conduction with an exposed or known surface utility line.

This project was completed in a safe, time efficient, and non-destructive way. All of the results of the scan, including: depths and locations of the reinforcing, and conduits were marked directly onto the surface.

GPRS specializes in multi-technology investigations, and in order to do so, we employ highly qualified, trained and hardworking individuals, who are gaining more experience and knowledge about many different avenues of construction, reinforcement, conduits, slabs, columns, and elements of a structure on a daily basic. We guarantee the best service, and we provide quick response times, quality information / data, and great pricing. Each job comes with a job report of the findings from the site.

If your company needs reinforcing or conduit scanning in the Chicago, Gary, Naperville, Rockford, Aurora or surrounding areas with fast response times and easy scheduling, please contact Mark Sims at (224)661-5218 or at

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