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Concrete Scan for Reinforcement and Floor Drains at Parking Ramp Renovation Project
- St. Paul, MN

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Minnesota was asked to assist in the assessment process of determining the location and amount of reinforcement present around the existing floor drains being updated at a hospital parking ramp in St. Paul MN. Much of the drain piping had deteriorated over time and needed to be replaced as part of an ongoing ramp renovation project. The desired goal of the construction contractor was to replace the drains on the topside as well as the piping from below the concrete slabs by utilizing the existing sleeves. The structural engineers wanted to core drill around as many drain sleeves as possible to a depth of about 3” to accommodate the new style of the drains being installed.

For this project, Troy Bartlett, Project Manager for Ground Penetrating Radar Systems in Minnesota, used both a 1600 MHz and 2000 MHz GPR Palm antenna to locate and mark out the reinforcement present in the elevated concrete slab around the perimeter of the drains being replaced.

Concrete Scan for Reinforcement and Floor Drains St. Paul, MN

Contractors throughout the USA and Canada have confidence in GPRS to provide critical information when they need to know what lies beneath the surface of the concrete or underground. GPR scanning is a great tool to use to locate post tension cables, rebar and conduits embedded in concrete. Ground Penetrating Radar is also useful in detecting underground utilities, underground storage tanks, voids and other items that are near-surface.

Utilizing GPR reduces risk and costs associated with damages on job sites due to saw-cutting through conduits, core drilling through a post tension cable, striking an unknown buried utility while excavating and many other situations like these.

Concrete Scanning at Parking Garage - St. Paul, MN

For more information about ground penetrating radar applications for your project, contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems. Our web site is To contact project manager, Troy Bartlett, directly for work in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, call 320.247.0451 or 507.884.0836, or by email Ground Penetrating Radar Systems would be happy to help you with your project.

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