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Highway Overpass Scanned for Rebar with 1600 MHz GPR - Orlando, FLHighway Overpass Scanned for Rebar with 1600 MHz GPR - Orlando, FL

GPRS of Orlando recently completed some night work at a highway overpass. Our customer needed to drill numerous penetrations in the road and wanted all rebar marked out so that the drill locations would not cut any rebar. We utilized the 1600 MHz antenna, because its accuracy is superior to that of the 400 MHz. Given the amount of rebar present, sub-inch accuracy was required. We took a couple steps to expedite the scanning process, because our customer had a limited window in which to complete the work. First, we used the 1600 antenna’s extension arm, in order to operate the radar from a standing position. This allowed us to complete the scan with the speed of a lower frequency antenna, but the accuracy of the high frequency antenna. The customer followed behind us as we scanned, and we were able to stay ahead of the customer and map out all rebar within the slab without slowing them down. The customer drilled roughly 60 penetrations without hitting any rebar. In addition to keeping them off the rebar, there was also a small conduit running through a PVC line at the bottom of the slab, perpendicular to the road. We marked this utility out and the customer easily avoided a potentially costly repair.

During the scan, there were a few hazards encountered, and appropriate measures were taken. There was a second team of contractors saw cutting and removing concrete near our location, and we had to take precautions to stay upwind from them to avoid the cloud of silica dust that they cast up. We also utilized night time PPE, including a head lamp and reflective vest. Every GPRS employee is OSHA 10 certified and we undergo between 1 - 3 additional safety training each month. Our goal is to keep your project and team safe, on time, and under budget, and for as long as you allow us to serve alongside your team, we will strive to maintain a safe and professional approach to the task at hand.

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