Scan for Rebar, Conduit, & Post Tension Locate - Seattle, WARebar, Conduit, and Post Tension Locate - Seattle, WA

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. was contacted by a large general contractor in Seattle to locate and map out rebar, post tensioned cables, and conduit prior to anchor drilling. We were asked to scan over 300 anchors Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. used a 1600 MHz GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) antenna as well as a 1600 MHz antenna to scan the area. The findings were marked directly on the surface with chalk as seen in the picture above. We used different colors to identify the post tension cables and the rebar. On this project we worked with the customer to find areas in which they could anchor without hitting any reinforcement or conduit. We were able to determine the depth of the post tension cables and the rebar so the client was able to know how deep to set their anchors without hitting anything. All of this scanning allowed the client to continue with their anchor drilling safely and with confidence. If they hadn’t hired GPRS they ran the risk of damaging post tension cables and drilling into live conduits.

We use the latest ground penetrating technology to provide critical information on utilities, materials, and other potential obstructions within existing structures or underground. All of our equipment is registered and meets all standard FCC regulations. Utilizing GPR reduces risk and cost, promotes a safe work environment, and provides non-destructive testing by locating materials such as concrete, plastic, metal, steel, and pavement. Our client base includes hospitals, universities, surveyors, engineers, homeowners, contractors, environmentalists, and excavators. We also use GPR to locate rebar, post tension cables, conduits, voids, underground utilities, and UST’s. GPRS has been in business for over 15 years. We continue to set the industry on performing GPR scans.

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Ground Radar Scanning
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