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Plumbing Company Works with GPRS to Have Several Concrete Slabs Scanned - Orlando, FL

A well-established plumbing company recently called GPRS of Orlando to assist them with a renovation project at a high-rise resort in Orlando, Florida. When faced with the possibility of hitting a post tension cable or electrical conduit line while conducting the core drilling, the contractor decided to call GPRS. Having worked with GPRS for several years, the plumbing contractor was well aware that GPRS would be the best company to hire for their project. In fact, our long standing relationship with this company allowed Project Manager, Nate Schome to closely collaborate with the site manager and to adapt to any last-minute changes that were requested by the engineer of the project.

For this project, the plumbing contractor needed to alter the floor plans of several rooms on several different floors of the high-rise building. GPRS was contracted to stay on-site at this particular job site on a daily basis for several hours over the course of several weeks so that the scanning requirements of the demolition team could be completed on-demand. The rooms needed to be scanned and drilled as the rooms were demolished, and by having GPRS on-site during this process, the contractor was able to keep their project safe, and on schedule.

Concrete Scan for Post Tension Cables and Rebar Orlando FL

The image above shows Project Manager, Nate Schmoe, of GPRS, Inc. scanning one of the slab surface areas that was scheduled for renovation.

GPRS Project Manager, Nate Schmoe used a GSSI 1600MHz antenna to analyze the concrete slabs. With this equipment, he was able to locate all of the conduits, post tension cables, and rebar lines in the areas that needed to be scanned. For some of the tighter areas, Nate used a “palm” antenna which is designed for reaching areas that a GPR antenna is unable to reach. During the scanning process, Nate marked the scan results directly onto the concrete surfaces with permanent marker and then reported these findings to the site contact. Additionally, as the areas were scanned, Nate took photos of the findings so that if the markings were washed off during the demolition process, the contractor would still have a record of the scan. After several weeks of scanning, all the core drilling for the required for the plumbing adjustments were completed without any issues. Once the plumbing lines were installed, the first phase of the multi-phase renovation project was considered to be complete.

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