Concrete Scanning for Conduit and Reinforcements - Kansas City, KS

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contracted to locate reinforcement and conduits within an elevated concrete slab in a multiple story building in Kansas City. The contractor had several areas to cut and core for new electrical and mechanical upgrades. Some of the areas did contain post tension cables, rebar, and conduits. In order to complete the penetrations without impacting structure or the other operating parts of the building, nothing could be hit. The GPRS technician was able to accurately locate all of the reinforcement and conduits in the areas so that routing could take place. GPRS utilizes multiple technologies while scanning areas such as this to help eliminate any hazards that could be encountered with a project like this. By utilizing GPRS’s services the contractor was able to keep a safe work environment as well as keep their schedule moving forward. Hits on jobs like this can be catastrophic to the project schedule and safety of the crew.

Concrete Scanning for Conduit and Reinforcements - Kansas City, KS

GPRS’s efforts to locate the unknowns keeps your project on schedule, reduces risk of danger and costly repairs in any building. Whether it is an elevated concrete slab or SOG, it is a good idea to employ the services that GPRS has to offer. Cutting or excavating in any building without an investigation like this could and will likely have a negative impact on the building, neighboring spaces, and those doing the work. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Kansas City is able to take on the scanning needs of the greater Kansas City area, Lawrence, Topeka, and St. Joseph areas. For more information about GPRS capabilities please contact Kurt Schamberger at or 913-961-9534.

GPRS Scans Concrete Floor of Apartment Building - Overland Park, KS

Apartments, hotels, and condominiums are renovated from time to time. Whenever the renovation requires coring, cutting or excavating, there are unknowns that can greatly impact the project as well as the building and its tenants. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems specializes in identifying where these possible hazards are and help find ways to avoid them. GPRS recently scanned the floor of an existing apartment building that was renovating their units. In order to fit the newly designed bathroom layout, the plumbing lines would be moved. GPRS was tasked with finding a clear space in which to make their penetrations. Once the reinforcement and conduits in the slab were marked out, the contractor was able to make the necessary cores without impacting the new design.

Utilizing multiple technologies, GPRS is able to limit contractor’s risks of cutting existing utilities and helping the project to stay on track. For all you concrete scanning needs in the Lenexa, Olathe, Shawnee, Overland Park, Leawood, Bonner Springs, Kansas City, Liberty, Grandview, Belton, Independence, Blue Springs, Belton, and Claycomo areas, please contact Kurt Schamberger at 913-961-9534 or

Concrete Imaging – Overland Park, Kansas

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