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Rebar Locating Prior to 24” Thick Concrete Wall Demolition - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was contacted by a local general contractor in the Vancouver area to locate all rebar reinforcement in a 24” thick tunnel wall slab prior to demolition. The contractor wanted to avoid cutting rebar while drilling test holes, so that structural integrity would be saved until the final stage of the demo. After these test holes were drilled, the engineering team was consulted on whether this wall could be demolished with or without additional shoring support for safety. The area scanned was approximately 20’ wide by 4’ in height. Shallow and deep reinforcement was located accurately and labeled on the slab, using “T” and “B” designations. These labels corresponded to the approximate depth of each individual layer of rebar. Permanent marker was used so that the markings would not be washed away by the water used with the drilling rig.

Concrete Scan Rebar Locating Vancouver, Canada

With a project of this size, it was imperative to achieve accurate location on each target in order to save expensive drill bits from being damaged in the initial drilling process. GPRS was able to provide a +/- accuracy of less than a quarter inch off center of each bar for this particular application, and none of the steel in either layer was hit. GPRS stayed after the scanning was completed to communicate directly with the core drilling company, in order to make sure all findings were communicated in person and on site. A formal report was also drafted, which showed job site photos and scan data that was gathered during the scan. The client was able to submit this report to the owner of the building in order to proceed with the project. A visit was made to the jobsite after the drilling had been completed to provide a quality check, and to rescan any additional areas.

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