Concrete Scan Prior to Saw Cutting and Coring - New Orleans, Louisiana

Concrete Reinforcement Scanning in New Orleans, LA   Locate Rebar in Concrete

GPRS recently provided GPR services for a restaurant renovation in downtown New Orleans, LA in order to locate post-tension cables present prior to coring, saw cutting, and floor penetrations by others. GPRS used a 1,600, 2,000, and 2,600 MHz GPR antenna in order to access the scanning areas of the existing ceiling needed by the client. By providing these services, GPRS was able to support the owner and help the project to stay on schedule and within budget from potential delays and repairs. All anomalies that could be located were marked on the surface with their direction and approximate depth, leaving a map on the surface.

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Concrete Scanning Service New Orleans

Ground Radar Scanning
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