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Locating Pipes within Concrete Slab - Syracuse, NYConcrete Imaging Technology Used To Locate Lines within Concrete Slab
– Syracuse, NY

A large contractor out of the Syracuse area is currently working on a project in which they must run new piping through the area of maintenance garage facility. To do this, they had to first determine the location of any pipes within the concrete slab, or just beneath so they could avoid damaging any of them during the installation process. The only way to complete this task without cutting out the concrete was to hire someone who could see into the concrete! They were referred to Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc., who is the largest concrete imaging company in the country. They had heard GPRS had the ability to determine the exact location, and depth of the pipes. For these reasons they decided to hire GPRS to complete the scanning.

Jim Bell of the Upstate, NY office, which focuses on the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Corning/Elmira, Binghamton, and Albany markets mobilized to the site and was able to quickly detect and lay out the pipes running through the proposed area. Jim and GPR were able to complete this project in real time and with none of the radiation concerns that come with using x-ray to locate tensioned cables or rebar. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can also be used to locate and map out rebar, post-tension and conduit prior to saw cutting, trenching and drilling into concrete.

The picture to the right shows the location that was scanned. If you have need of any underground imaging services please contact our Upstate New York office, which serves the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Corning/Elmira, Binghamton and Albany areas, as well as all of the areas in between. If you are interested in obtaining more information or a quote please contact Jim Bell at:
Phone-(315)715-5137 /

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