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Concrete Investigation of Grain Bin Foundation Failure - Castle Rock, MN

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Minnesota was utilized to locate and map the reinforcement present in the foundation of a large grain bin located at a Mill & Elevator in Castle Rock, MN. GPRS was asked to assist in determining why part of the foundation structure sidewall and anchor bolt had popped under the stress and weight of the grain inside.

Troy Bartlett, project manager for GPRS in Minnesota, used both a 1600 MHz and 2000 MHz GPR antenna to map the rebar present in the foundation. Using GPR technology, our project manager was able to determine the locations of the reinforcement used during construction, the lengths of the anchor bolts, as well as the depths where the rebar was placed. While measuring the depths of the reinforcement GPRS was able to determine where some of the anchor bolts had been mistakenly or improperly placed in front of the lateral reinforcement layers instead of behind them. One of the unexpected findings was that in some situations the anchor pins appeared to have been cut short enough to be placed above the reinforcement altogether.

Concrete Foundation Scanned with GPR - Castle Rock, MN     Concrete Foundation Scanned with GPR - Castle Rock, MN

Armed with the information provided to them by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems the grain mill and elevator owners could pursue further what methods would be necessary to correct the damaged foundation and the situation it presents. Concrete analysis and reinforcement mapping are common GPR applications used by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

Contractors in Minnesota have confidence in GPRS when they need to know what lies beneath the surface of the concrete. GPR scanning is a great tool to use to locate post tension cables, rebar and conduits embedded in concrete. Ground Penetrating Radar is also useful in detecting underground utilities, underground storage tanks, voids and other subsurface anomalies.

For more information about ground penetrating radar applications for your project, contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems. Our web site is To contact project manager, Troy Bartlett, directly for work in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, call 320.247.0451 or 507.884.0836, or by email Ground Penetrating Radar Systems would be happy to help you with your project.

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