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Concrete Dam Scanned by GPRS - Conestoga, PAConcrete Dam Scanned by GPRS - Conestoga, PA

When a general contractor needed to install several 8” anchor bolts into a dam that was located along the Susquehanna River in Central PA, they decided to call GPRS.

This scanning project was very important due to the fact that there was river was on the other side of the concrete slab, and the contractor did not want to drill through it. Therefore, the contractor decided to call GPRS Project Manager, Sam Hart (717-798-5721), who works out of our Harrisburg office (which covers the Mid-State Region). The contractor had worked with GPRS on several of their previous projects, and they were confident that GPRS would be able to help them with this project.

After arriving on-site, Project Manager, Sam Hart, was able to mark out the locations of all of the rebar and other conduits/pipes within the concrete slab. He was also able to mark out the thickness of the dam to help the contractor determine the best locations for the bolts. By knowing the thickness of the slab, the contractor was also able to have peace of mind, knowing that they would not encounter any issues during the drilling process. The GPR scan was also able to verify that there were not any voids within the planned drilling locations of the concrete slab as well.

Using GPR, GPRS was able to mark out all items embedded in the concrete slab in real time, and all of the findings were marked directly onto the surface. These markings allowed the contractor to safely place the bolts into the dam and complete their project without any issues. GPRS Project Manager, Sam Hart, performs hundreds of GPR scans to locate reinforcing steel, post tension cables, conduits and other sub-surface objects within concrete slabs each year. We also provide services including: utility locating, unmarked grave locating, and underground storage tank locating. For assistance in the Pennsylvania Mid-State area, contact Sam Hart by e-mail at or by phone at 717-798-5721.

GPRS also has offices throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact your local GPRS Project Manager for a quote, to schedule service, or to schedule a free product demonstration today.

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