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Concrete Columns and Beams Scanned - Providence, RI

Concrete Columns and Beams Scanned - Providence, RI  Scanning Beam of Concrete GPR

It’s always important to have as much information as possible as to what is inside of the concrete prior to drilling. In this case, a structural engineer needed to know where all of the reinforcing bars were located within several beams and columns in order to protect their structural integrity. Prior to drilling anchors to install signs, it was imperative to have accurate information as to where the reinforcing bars were located. This knowledge would allow them to plot the anchor locations in between the reinforcing bars, preventing the drillers from causing any structural damage to the beams/columns. The engineer contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Rhode Island to investigate the areas using ground penetrating radar technology. The methods that are utilized by GPRS are mobile & cost effective, allowing real time results, so the project can continue on schedule. GPRS located all of the reinforcing bars with an accuracy of +/- ¼” so that the drillers could confidently choose exactly where to place his anchor while following the engineer’s guidelines.

GPRS applications are both safe & cost effective that provide real time results. To learn more about the capabilities of GPRS in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont & Upstate New York, contact Regional Manager, Mark Johnson, at 617.448.8098 or

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