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Concrete Column Scanned for Rebar by GPRS - Itasca, Illinois

A contractor renovating offices in Itasca contacted GPRS of Chicago to map out reinforcing in a column, looking for reinforcement patterns for their steel plates. That way they know how to drill the plates to anchor them into the column. The contractor hoped to find valuable information about the reinforcing and conduits of the building for future modifications and add-ons and because they inquired that GPRS came out and scanned, they can be more comfortable and confident in their future drilling.

Concrete Column Scanned for Rebar by GPRS - Itasca, Illinois  Concrete Scanning Services Chicago Area

GPRS scanning aids contractors in reducing the likelihood of subsurface obstruction strikes during drilling, cutting, anchoring and other construction processes by mapping the rebar and conduits. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems uses the latest GSSI Sir-3000 technology, in locating the reinforcing and conduits in the column to give contractors valuable information on where they could core drill and anchor. The on-site scanning and marking process was completed within a few short hours and the contractor was able to begin the project in a timely fashion and with valuable information of what to expect. This was all done in a safe, time efficient, non-destructive way. GPRS specializes in multi-technology investigations. In order to do so, we employ highly qualified, trained and hardworking individuals, who are daily gaining more experience and knowledge about many different avenues of construction, reinforcement, conduits, slabs, columns, and many other structurally related questions. We guarantee the best service from our managers, with quick response times, quality information and data, great pricing, and enthusiasm. Additionally, scanning can save valuable time by targeting specific anomalies/reinforcing to be uncovered and provide depth and location as well as information about the surrounding concrete. The radar emits less than 1% of the radiation found to be emitted by standard cell phones. This means practically no hazardous radiation to operators or persons above or below the work zone.

GPRS provides rapid response times and convenient scheduling for your projects. If you need reinforcing or conduit mapping of columns or slabs in the Chicago, Naperville, Schaumburg, Rockford, Aurora, or surrounding areas please contact Mark Sims at (224) 661-5218 or at

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