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Concrete Balconies Scanned for Reinforcement - Lancaster, PAConcrete Balconies Scanned for Reinforcement - Lancaster, PA

A general contractor was installing new balcony posts and side rails to an existing apartment complex. There were a total of 132 balconies to be scanned across 12 floors. The slabs were approximately 5 inches thick and the contractors were drilling anchor bolts in 3 inches deep. The contractor wanted to locate all the reinforcing steel located within 2 feet of the edge. The scope of work included Ground Penetrating Radar to make sure no reinforcement is struck during the drilling process. The engineer wanted to make sure the slab was not compromised by the reinforcement being struck as well as preventing any future corrosion of the reinforcement if moisture was to come in contact with the steel during the drilling process. This job took place at an apartment complex in Downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The General Contractor called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS), who he has worked with multiple times before hand to help with their project. Sam Hart (717-798-5721), who works out of the Harrisburg office and covers the Mid-State Region, was able to scan the concrete. Before the work started on this project, Sam made sure to wear a safety harness and retractable lanyard as a required safety precaution. Sam marked out the rebar prior to installing the anchor bolts. He covers the Central PA area including Lancaster and State College.

Sam Hart performs GPR scanning to locate reinforcing steel and other objects in the concrete. For assistance in the Pennsylvania Mid-State areas contact Sam Hart at or 717-798-5721. We can provide rebar locating, post tension cable locating, location of conduits, underground utility locating, and void detection.

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