Concrete Analysis - Westlake, LA

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GPRS recently provided GPR services at a project site in Westlake, LA in order to locate the concrete reinforcing steel present in two (2) pipe rack foundations in order to determine existing and future allowable capacities by structural engineers. GPRS used a 1,600 and 2,000 MHz GPR Antenna in order to access the scanning areas needed by the client. The foundations were scanned in order to determine the presence, location, spacing, depth, and estimated type and size of concrete reinforcing steel within the pile cap and piers. All anomalies that could be located were marked on the surface with their direction leaving a map on the surface for visual representation within the report. Additionally, by providing these services, GPRS was able to provide measurements and notes regarding the foundations as well as structural drawings of the existing concrete reinforcing steel present in each area scanned. If you would like more information about ground penetrating radar or to request a quote, please visit our website at, or contact Jeremy Parrino at 504.940.8832 |

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Ground Radar Scanning
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