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Anomalies Located in Boat Lift Survey at Marina in Sarasota, FL
The photo above depicts Justin Rasanow, our Tampa Area Manager, scanning a portion of the marina using our 400MHz antenna. Along with the 400MHz antenna we also used our RD-7000 (not pictured), which is a device that detects live power and RF signals underground. This device is used in locating electrical or telephone lines underground even if they are below the minimum size requirements to be detected by GPR.

GPR Scan at Boat Lift - Sarasota, FL

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) of Tampa, FL was requested on-site by a general contractor to perform a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan at a marina in Sarasota, FL.

The contractor working at this particular marina has plans to remove the current boat lifts and install new boat lifts in their place. However, the new boat lifts are not the same size as the old lifts, so an area all around the existing boat lifts needed to be scanned. The contractor was worried about electrical lines and water lines running in between the current lifts that lead out to each boat dock. The results of the scan were marked on the surface so the contractor could safely plan where to install their new boat lifts. We scanned the lot for sanitary, water, electrical, communication, storm and gas lines as well as any other anomalies present.

The general contractor was able to safely remove the existing boat lifts and lay out where he wanted to install the new lifts. Shortly thereafter, the new boat lifts were installed without any incidents. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is the best way to ensure the locations of underground utilities prior to any below-surface excavations. The total area scanned for this project was roughly 3 acres. After all findings were clearly marked on the surface, we then went back through the area and took GPS coordinates of each finding and added them to a Google Earth Map Overlay. Along with this, we also gave the customer an interactive KMZ file showing all of our findings. This was done in the event that any of our markings on the surface were disturbed during the excavation portion of this project.

Please contact Justin Rasanow at (727) 420-3292 or for any scanning needs that you may have.

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