Reinforcement Steel/Post Tension Cable Layout on Concrete Roof Slab in Tysons, Virginia

A concrete construction contractor was given the task of designing and installing massive light fixtures on the roof of the new state of the art addition to the Capital One Corporate campus in Tysons, VA. The massive light pole fixtures have base plates that are required to be anchored into the existing concrete roof slab in very precise locations along the roof. The locations on the roof’s concrete slab where the structures were set to be placed contained reinforcement steel (rebar) and post tension cables that could not be struck under any circumstances when drilling and/or anchoring into the slab. Precise measures needed to be taken in order for the contractor to locate the rebar and post tension cables within the slab; they needed to GPR scan / x-ray each precise anchor location. Ground penetrating radar, or GPR, is a form of non-destructive testing which allows GPRS, Inc. to detect subsurface anomalies within the concrete slab. Once detected, GPRS can trace out, then mark out the layout of the reinforcement mat and post tension cables within the concrete slab so that the client could look to avoid as much rebar as possible and all post tension cables when drilling and/or anchoring. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. can also detect the approximate depth of the reinforcement steel and post tension cables that are being detected and marked out.

The concrete construction contractor contacted the subsurface detection specialists with GPRS, Inc. for the project. James Falletta, one of our project managers in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region took lead on the project and was able to mobilize on site to complete the subsurface investigation. Once the project was completed, GPRS Inc. was able to communicate with the contractors at the Capital One new construction site to assess all findings, limitations and the maximum penetration depth of our technology. Ground penetrating radar was the perfect solution for this project because of how time and cost efficient GPR is in comparison to X-Ray. Making GPR your choice of subsurface or underground exploration also eliminated the safety hazards of omitting dangerous amounts of radiation in comparison to X-Ray technology. Please contact our team in the DC, Maryland and Virginia region at 703-728-7333 or email to request a free quote or proposal, a site walk or to schedule one of our project managers to complete a project. Also feel free to visit our website for more information on our nationwide team at or call our corporate office at 419-843-9804 or 866-914-4718.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.