Concrete Scan Slab on Grade - Littleton, Colorado

Concrete Scan Slab on Grade – Colorado

The Denver office of GPRS was hired to locate any underground utilities in the Littleton, Colorado Firestone Automotive Center. There was an area that was scheduled to by saw cut and needed to have any impediments below the slab identified prior to concrete saw cutting.

The GPRS Project Manager used GSSI GPR equipment to look in and directly under the concrete for any piping and/or conduits as well as up to 4 feet below the concrete slab to locate any pipes and/or duct banks. A hydraulic line was located in the slab. As you can see in the image below, when locating conduits in the Denver area by using GPR the depth to each conduit is able to be given.

  • Concrete Scan Slab on Grade - Littleton, Colorado

When attempting to locate conduits in a slab on grade, ground penetrating radar (sometimes referred to as concrete scanning in Denver, concrete imaging in Colorado) is really the only option. Only one side of the concrete is accessible, and calling a traditional concrete x-ray contractor in Colorado will not be an option. GPRS of Denver can provide slab on grade locates as well as mapping rebar in Aurora, locating post tensioning in Greenwood Village, conduit and private utility locating in Ft. Collins and subsurface void detection in Boulder.