Underground Private Utility Locating – Alabama

GPRS was contacted by a contractor in Mobile, Alabama to mobilize to locate underground utilities. The contractor had plans to renovate a building at a train-yard in Mobile, AL and needed to locate sewer lines, water lines, telecommunications lines, and main power lines in the area in order to design effective and efficient renovation plans. They were also concerned about damaging critical utilities in the area that may be vital to railroad signals and controls. For these reasons, they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

GPRS, LLC. is often called to mobilize to a project to locate underground utilities. Ground penetrating radar is an extremely accurate and effective way of locating the impediments in the ground. GPRS has found its accuracy to be +/- 6” when marking the center of the pipe and +/-10% when determine the depth of the object. The process is normally very quick and field markings are placed in real time.

GPRS provides a variety of locating services including private utility locating and void detection, as well as concrete services such as post-tension cable and rebar locating. If you would to speak with a Project Manager in your area, please visit the “Contact Us” page.